Research ethics, as that term is usually used, is the study of the appropriate ethical standards for research involving humans and the establishment of appropriate governance mechanisms for such research. Though traditionally biomedical in its focus, research ethics is now understood properly to apply to human-subjects research of all kinds. (There are also ethical standards that apply to the use of animals in research, but those standards are typically not part of what we mean by the term “research ethics.”)

"And that is Gen. Rosecrans. Awful nice man. Nicest man I ever saw. Greatest General in the world. Won't this be something to tell Mariar and the girls. And the men down at the store. I'd 've come down here 40 times jest to 've seen him and talked with him. What'd last night in the guard house amount to, after all? A man must expect some trouble occasionally. Wouldn't have no fun if he didn't. Say, Si, remember Old Susy's chestnut colt?""'Twouldn't be right to burn it, Pap," said Si, who better understood the rigidity of his father's principles. "It'd do a mighty sight o' good somewhere."Research Ethics Resources

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"Whisky," yelled Si and Shorty, with another burst of laughter.Special Feature: